Where smiles grow up!

Where smiles grow up!

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Dr. Emily created Skyview Pediatric Dentistry to make a historically scary experience, FUN! As a board certified Pediatric dentist, Dr. Emily is invested in not only your child’s mouth, but also your child as an entire person. She is committed to adapting the dental environment to each child as an individual. Dr. Emily is excited to share in the journey of watching your child’s smile grow up.

About Dr. Emily Hahn

Dr Hahn is wonderful. She did extensive dental surgery on my son when he was 4 and our kids have continued to go to her since. Dr Emily is patient, outgoing, understanding, and as wonderful of a person as she is dentist.

Nathan W.

Dr Emily is amazing. She is patient, calm and understanding even when her patient isn't. My son loves her and will continue to see her. Thank you for your loving care.

Michele M.

Dr. Emily was amazing with my 2 year old. He can't wait to go back! She is exactly what you would want in a pediatric dentist.

Erin A.

Dr. Emily is SO good with my kids. They truly love and look forward to going to the dentist. She and her staff are attentive to the needs of my kids and are well trained in working with young kids. (My kids are 18 months and 3 years old.) Dr. Emily's adorable songs and sweet demeanor make taking my two toddlers to the dentist a (surprisingly!) VERY pleasant experience.

Diane H.

There really are no words to express how much we love and appreciate Dr. Emily!!! I wish there were more than 5 stars we could give because we definitely would! She is AMAZING!!! My son has several healthcare needs and concerns, with the top being severe allergies that throw us into grand mal seizures and shock. He has also had a stroke in the past as well as other allergy and genetic issues. He is truly one in a million and to find doctors willing to think outside the box and help us has been an extreme challenge. Dr. Emily though has gone above and beyond to help us find things that are safe for him to trial and has truly taken the time to listen and help! We truly have felt like a part of her family and are SO blessed and grateful that God led us to her!! She is definitely an answered prayer and my son has told everyone, including all of his friends, about his awesome dentist! Dr. Emily, our family will be eternally grateful for the life-changing gift you are giving us by helping us to keep our beautiful boys smile healthy, and perfect as he continues to smile and bring God’s light and joy into this world! In my life, God shows me daily His miracles.... and you are one of our MIRACLES!! Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough! We are forever grateful for you and pray that God continues to bless you and your practice!

Kim K.

Ya know that ‘mom win’ feeling when a place that is sometimes a struggle ends up being a place that you use for good behavior bribes? Well, that’s Dr. Hahn and Skyview Pediatric Dentistry. My kids are 5 and 3... One of which (3) is a nightmare with brushing. The entire team was phenomenal. I can’t believe he sat in the chair for them and complied with instructions! They both are already asking when they go back. So needless to say I’ll be making them do more chores before next visit “or you don’t get to back to Dr. Emily’s.” Mom win!!! 

Maryann U.


Dental Hygiene for Infants

Dental Hygiene for Infants

What is a pediatric dentist?

What is a pediatric dentist?

A Pediatric Dentist is to dentistry as a pediatrician is to medicine. Pediatric Dentists have special training geared toward not only a child’s dental development, but also their psychological and emotional development. There is typically no additional fee affiliated with seeing a Pediatric Dentist. Our offices have special tools that are better suited to treat smaller smiles.

Skyview Pediatric Dentistry is located in the state of the art St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center. We collaborate with the primary care pediatricians and Washington University pediatric specialists on-site to create an all-inclusive medical home for your children. Dr. Emily performs all typical dental procedures on children, but also offers these unique features:


She offers white pediatric crowns in both the front and back teeth.


All sedated procedures are completed with the pediatric anesthesiologists of Washington University.


Dr. Emily strives to educate families about how to prevent cavities and optimize oral health.

Why choose us

After those four steps are completed, it is all about education. We will discuss our clinical findings, provide guidance on what is to come in your child’s dental future, answer questions and discuss oral hygiene.

Most importantly, your child will leave with a toothbrush, toy, and hopefully a smile.

Fluoride varnish is painted on the teeth


Then comes the mirror where we “count the teeth” and sing/ say the ABCs as baby teeth are labeled by letter


Floss sticks to check for teeth that touch is next. 


We begin with utilizing a toothbrush, a tool children should be familiar with due to toothbrushing at home. 


At Skyview Pediatric Dentistry, a child’s first dental visit is focused on familiarizing the child to the dental environment. Although we love for kids to sit in the dental chair where we have cushions specially designed for children, we want the child comfortable. Sitting on mom or dad’s lap is perfectly fine. 

What to expect for your first visit

We are happy to submit to other plans but are not in-network providers.

To embody the vision of a true health home, Skyview Pediatric Dentistry accepts patients with state- funded plans through referrals from pediatricians within the Children’s Specialty Care Center.

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Dr. Mary Margaret

Delta Dental Premier/ PPO

Dr. Emily

At this time, Skyview Pediatric Dentistry is in network with:


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