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A Pediatric Dentist is to dentistry as a pediatrician is to medicine. Pediatric Dentists have special training geared toward not only a child’s dental development, but also their psychological and emotional development. There is typically no additional fee affiliated with seeing a Pediatric Dentist. Our offices have special tools that are better suited to treat smaller smiles.

Skyview Pediatric Dentistry is located in the state of the art St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center. We collaborate with the primary care pediatricians and Washington University pediatric specialists on-site to create an all-inclusive medical home for your children. Dr. Emily performs all typical dental procedures on children, but also offers these unique features:


She offers white pediatric crowns in both the front and back teeth.


All sedated procedures are completed with the pediatric anesthesiologists of Washington University.


Dr. Emily strives to educate families about how to prevent cavities and optimize oral health.

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