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When should a child first go to the dentist?

Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Academy of Pediatrics agree that a child’s first dental visit should be at the age of 1 or first tooth.

When should I start using fluoride toothpaste?

Now! It’s all about how much. From the first tooth, use a smear of toothpaste. Increase to a pea size after your child can spit.

Everyone In My Family Has Bad Teeth. Are Cavities Genetic?

No. Dental caries, the fancy term for cavities, are caused by bacteria. This means that cavities are contagious. Most children’s oral flora is passed from their mother. If mom gets cavities, it is likely the child will get them too. To decrease the spread of the bacteria that can cause cavities, we suggest avoiding sharing utensils and cups.

What is the best way to avoid cavities for my child?

Diet! It’s not about what they eat (within reason), but how often your child eats. Frequent snacking causes mouths to be more acidic, which is the perfect environment for bad bacteria to grow and cause cavities. I also recommend drinking water. Juice is my arch nemesis. Children are also at risk for cavities if they go to bed with a bottle. 

What is a true dental emergency?

If a permanent tooth comes completely out of the mouth, root and all.

What                 do you accept?

At this time, Skyview Pediatric Dentistry is in network with:

Delta Dental Premier/ PPO

We are happy to submit to other plans but are not in network providers.

To embody the vision of a true health home, Skyview is accepting patients with state funded plans through referrals from pediatricians within the specialty care center.

What is your COVID Protection Protocol for appointments?

We are so excited to have patients return to our office and your health is our TOP priority.  Please review our statement about before, arriving, during, and after your appointment using this link:
COVID Protection Protocol 

COVID Protection Protocol 


Delta Dental Premier/ PPO

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