Covid-19 Protection Protocol

May 7, 2020

We are taking extended safety measures to further protect our patients and team by implementing the following protocols:

In compliance with the recommendations for public health, anyone with a cough or fever will not be allowed in the building or our office and should stay home. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

The number of patients in the office will be limited and appointments will be scheduled on the hour to further aid in social distancing for our first phase with opening.

Unfortunately, our waiting room is now bare with no toys or books.

We are encouraging a 'touch-free' check in and billing process. Therefore, we will be using e-mail to provide access to complete patient forms online, process payments, email receipts, and receive appointment reminders. Therefore, if we do not have your current e-mail address, please let us know. You can communicate with us via our website at or by calling us at (314) 626-4579.

BEFORE the next appointment:

You will receive an appointment reminder through text and/or email. Please confirm your appointment via one of those reminders.

If this is a restorative visit, we will also email you a copy of the treatment plan providing the estimated charges for your child’s appointment. 

Please login to your patient portal and complete any required forms. You may use this address to access the patient portal:

Once you have logged in, there will be an option to “Go to my forms”, which you can click on to complete and sign any required forms. We have added a COVID-19 form that will ask you a series of questions related to possible COVID exposure or symptoms. We are collecting this information from you in order to ensure the safety of other patients and our staff.

If your insurance has changed, please provide your current information on the Insurance Form. 

ARRIVE at the appointment:

We request that you arrive between 15 and 20 minutes early for your appointment due to the new screening procedures.

When you arrive, please park in one of the designated parking spots and remain in your vehicle

Call us at (314) 626-4579 to inform us you are here for your scheduled appointment.

When we are ready to see you in our office, we will call you. Upon entering the Specialty Care Center, you and your child will have their temperature taken.

After the screening, please proceed to Suite 360.

Upon arriving in our suite, we will ask you and your child to use hand sanitizer. 

Parents/Guardians will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of the appointment. 

You will be escorted by one of our staff to the operatory for your child’s appointment. Try to avoid door handles.

DURING the appointment:

Our staff will be wearing protective gear:

We have placed air filters throughout the clinic to minimize aerosols.

Parents/Guardians will accompany their child to the operatory.

AFTER the appointment:

The next appointment can be booked with assistant in the back

If there is a balance on your account, we can invoice you through email or you can pay at the front. All card transactions will be performed with a gloved hand.

We are happy to either email or provide a copy of the final treatment plan and receipts. 

As information continues to develop you can be assured that our safety measures will continue to evolve as needed. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our office is open for emergency procedures

April 17, 2020

Our office is open for emergency procedures.  If your child is experiencing any pain or discomfort, please contact us.  We are seeing emergency cases at variable times.  Also, please call us before going to the emergency room or urgent care to reduce your exposure and to reduce the number of cases at hospitals.

(314) 626-4579

ADA Calls Upon Dentists to Postpone Elective Procedures

March 16, 2020
ADA Calls Upon Dentists to Postpone Elective Procedures

The American Dental Association (ADA) recognizes the unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances dentists and all health care professionals face related to growing concern about COVID-19. The ADA is deeply concerned for the health and well-being of the public and the dental team.  
In order for dentistry to do its part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the ADA recommends dentists nationwide postpone elective procedures for the next three weeks. Concentrating on emergency dental care will allow us to care for our emergency patients and alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on hospital emergency departments.
As health care professionals, it is up to dentists to make well-informed decisions about their patients and practices. The ADA is committed to providing the latest information to the profession in a useful and timely manner.
The ADA is continually evaluating and will update its recommendation on an ongoing basis as new information becomes available. Please visit for the latest information.

If you have questions that are not answered by the FAQ posted at, please email

COVID-19 UPDATE (3-15-2020)

Dear Patients, Families, and Friends of Skyview Pediatric Dentistry,

As members of our local community, we care deeply about the health and well-being of our patients, families, and staff
members. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique set of fast changing circumstances that we are committed to
thoughtfully addressing. Our goal is to keep as many dental emergencies out of the hospital systems as they anticipate a surge.

As such, we want to let you know that for the next few weeks we will be taking additional safety precautions to help reduce risk of transmission and ensure that our patients, families, and employees remain as safe as possible while visiting our offices.  We will NOT be closing our offices unless ordered to do so by the Federal, State or Local governments. The changes we will  be implementing are based upon current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and have been developed as part of an extensive and ongoing discussion between our team.  We recognize that some of these precautions may cause some temporary inconveniences and potential delays in your treatment.  However, please be assured that your health and the health of all members of our community is our number one priority.

Changes that will be implemented in our offices will be put in place immediately and will continue until further notice.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our office at 314-626-4579 and we will be happy to discuss further. Please note that no exceptions to these precautions can be made, so please plan accordingly. If you would like to delay your next appointment for any reason, we completely understand and ask that you call our office during regular business hours so that our team can assist you in rescheduling. We also ask that if you fall into a high-risk group according to the CDC and WHO that you consider rescheduling your appointment until May. This group includes patients who are immunocompromised, have heart disease or lung disease, have diabetes, etc.

Here are the very important changes to your Skyview experience that you can expect during this time of national emergency:

Parents will be asked a series of questions regarding potential exposure.

Our patient kiosk will no longer be available. We ask that all forms be filled out on your own electronic
device before the appointment.

We have removed all magazines, toys, games, and books from our reception areas. The plane and game
station will be wiped hourly.

We will no longer be shaking hands and will only be contacting patients with gloves and masks worn.

We will ask all patients and family members to wash hands when entering the clinical area.

Cooperative patients will be asked to rinse with an anti-microbial mouth rinse before all procedures.

We will not be performing any credit card transactions at this time and graciously ask that you pay
through our invoice system online.

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time. In the long term we know this will make us stronger and
safer, but in the meantime we feel it is most prudent to follow the advice of the health professionals and implement enhanced safety protocols for everyone’s health and safety. We promise to do everything in our control to maintain a positive and safe environment for all to enjoy.